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Conferinţa de presă susţinută de Victor Ponta, premierul României şi Preşedintele Partidului Social Democrat – Congres PES – 29.09.2012 


First of all I would like to express my happiness for being here today, the day of the election of Sergei Stanishev as the president of the PES. Beyond being my friend and my colleague of generation – I think Sergei was the prime-minister of Bulgaria even younger than I am – I think he’s a real leader, he has the support of all the socialist and social-democratic parties and together under his leadership, together with our group in the European Parliament, with the president of the Parliament, Mister Schulz, we can really hope that the next years, 2013-2014, will prove across Europe an important victory for the socialist and social-democratic movements. We will win the national elections and the most important one, the European elections in 2014, and we’ll prove that the future of Europe is going to be shaped by our political family.

I would also like to add that I’m very grateful for the solidarity, for the support and even the advice that during the summer I had from Sergei Stanishev, from Hannes Swoboda, from Martin Schulz, from the other colleagues and friends and I’m sure that even today I had the opportunity to express the absolute commitment of Romania as a country, of the government and of the Social Democratic Party of Romania, the commitment for the European values, for our political family values and also the optimism that the next years are going to be much better for our political family, for our countries and for our Europe.

I want to thank once again. I’m sure that, like always, I will have the support in the elections but also that the Romanians are going to support in the European elections the ideas, the candidates and the projects of the PES. Thank you very much!


Biroul de Presă al PSD